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Assists the Regional Director, PRO 7 in attaining Intelligence objectives through staff direction, planning, coordination control and supervision of all intelligence and counterintelligence activities of the PNP.


  1. Prepare and supervise the implementation of intel plans, policies, and programs.
  2. Evaluate and integrate all intel projects.
  3. Provide intel for use of RD and disseminate same to the lower units.
  4. Determine PNP foreign intel objectives and prepare and implement plans for the attainment of such objectives.
  5. Direct and control foreign intel efforts.
  6. Serve as initial contact point of all foreigners having official dealings with the PNP.
  7. Develop and maintain an integrated computerized intel system in support of PNP intel info requirements.
  8. Represents the Chief, PNP on intel matters with governmental agencies and foreign government.
  9. Perform such other functions as the CPNP may direct.

Under the present set-up, the Directorate for Intelligence is under the direction and control of the Chief, PNP and under the administration and operational supervision of the Deputy Chief for Operations, PNP. It exercises functional supervision over the PNP Intelligence Group and Police Security and Protection Office. It also exercises coordinative authority, professional cooperation and technical supervision over the Regional Police intelligence offices and PNP support and separate intelligence units (NSUs). It has five divisions under the direct control and supervision of the Director for Intelligence, namely:

a. Intelligence Operations Division;
b. Counterintelligence Security Division;
c. Foreign Liaison Division;
d. Intelligence Research Center; and
e. Intelligence Training Group.

 Functions of different sections:

A. Intelligence Operation Section

  1. Assist DI in the effective management of all PNP intelligence operational activities.
  2. Provide evaluation of PNP intelligence units/offices and assess the employment of PNP units in coordination with other D-Staffs.
  3. Provide close supervision in the integration and coordination of PNP intelligence operations and support activities.
  4. Prepare intelligence operations plans and make periodic assessments thereof.
  5. Prepare, determine and recommend the allocation of tasks to PNP Intel agencies.
  6. Initiate staff studies on intelligence matters to improve operational procedures, management and training.
  7. Renew plans and policies for the guidance of PNP intelligence agencies.
  8. Assist the DI in the preparation of recommendations on planning and policy matters under study/consideration by the D-Staffs.
  9. Represent the DI in operations coordinating agencies/bodies.

 B. CI and Security Section

  1. Formulate CI and security plans, policies, and directives.
  2. Coordinate CI operations and security activities of all PNP units.
  3. Provide planning and guidance for the collection and dissemination of CI information.
  4. Prepare and update CI target lists for police and internal defense operations of the PNP
  5. Initiate studies on CI and security activities and recommend measures to upgrade them.
  6. Provide training guidance on CI and security education for PNP personnel and units.
  7. Direct and supervise the PNP security clearance system.
  8. Supervise the preparation of defense plans and fire plan of PNP installations.

 C. Intelligence Research Center

  1. Collate, evaluate, store, interpret, retrieve, integrate and analyze all available information of intelligence interest from overt and covert sources, especially those coming from PNP units.
  2. Produce and disseminate accurate, reliably and timely intelligence essential to the accomplishment of the PNP mission.
  3. Prepare intelligence estimates and summaries, peace and order assessments, intelligence briefings, periodic reports and other reports of intelligence interest.
  4. Conduct researches and prepare special studies, position papers and others of intelligence interest.
  5. Develop and implement Information System (IS).
  6. Assist in the management of the RP component of the ASEANAPOL database system.

 D. Foreign Liason Section

  1. Act as the primary channel and point of contact with AFP, liaison office of other agencies and various foreign embassies.
  2. Coordinate closely with IOD and CSD of this directorate and the D-Staff other PNP offices on their respective foreign requirements.
  3. Plan, direct, supervise, and control the PNP Police Attaché Program in coordination with PCTC.
  4. Prepare plans, policies and directives on matters pertaining to foreigners.
  5. Coordinate matters pertaining to officials of foreign embassies, government organizations, visitors and guests.

 E. Intelligence Training Group

  1. Provide general and special training on police intelligence in support of the requirements of the PNP and other government agencies.

F. Budget and Fiscal Section

  1. Prepares, coordinates and supervises preparation of budget proposals/estimates within established priorities of programs and overall policies and plans of the Command.
  2. Prepares, coordinates and supervises ODI annual expenditure program review and analysis.
  3. Implements plans, procedures and policies with regard to fiscal accounting of intelligence funds in consonance with the Command and other auditing and accounting regulations and policies.
  4. Provides administrative control and accounting for the funds expended in procuring resources and facilities of the PNP Intelligence.
  5. Assists in the overall management of men, money and material resources and facilities of the PNP Intelligence.
  6. Maintains accounting records and books of accounts to reflect accurately and currently the financial condition of the PNP Intelligence Funds.

G. Admin and Personnel Management Section

  1. Provides administrative and logistical support to all services/divisions of the Directorate for Intelligence.
  2. Prepares and supervises implementation of command policies as well as rules and regulations that pertains to personnel administration.

Prepares and supervises implementation of intelligence eligibility list and recommends assignments/training to enhance personnel professional growth.

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