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Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office

Negros Oriental is popularly called as “Sugar Island” of Central Visayas. On the other hand Dumaguete City, its capital, is known as “City of Gentle People”. The Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office (NOPPO) located in Camp Francisco C. Fernandez Jr., Barangay Agan-an, Sibulan, Negros Orriental, currently has one (1) special unit (SWAT) and eight (8) staff offices which supervises twenty five (25) police stations under its supervision. These police stations are comprised of nineteen (19) municipal police stations and six (6) city police stations.

Accordingly, Negros Oriental has a total population of 1,231,904 and a land area of 5403.30 sq km, which is constituted by 557 barangays and among which, had been subdivided into three (3) congressional districts. It is bounded on the north by Dumaguete City to Canlaon City and on the South by Bacong Municipality and Basay Municipality.  

Land Area
5,402 sq km
Registered Voters
Population Growth Rate
Five (5)
Two (2)
Eight (8)

Negros Island province lies in the southwestern portion of the entire Negros Island. It is separated from its sister province, Negros Occidental, by rugged mountain ranges that run along the center of the island. The area along the province’s coastline are mostly made up of plains and valleys. Inland, volcanic peaks, hills, and plateaus are found. Located south of the province is a group of volcanic mountains, the highest of which is Cuernos de Negros with an elevation of 1,903 meters. In the north is Mount Canlaon, the province’s highest peak which is an active volcano, towering some 2,450 meters above sea level. Mount Canlaon draws the boundary between Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental.

When the Spaniards first arrived in Negros, the island was called Buclas, but was later renamed to Negros because of the numerous Negrito tribes inhabiting the area. In 1582, the municipality of Tanjay was the important settlement in Negros Oriental. It was only in 1620 when Dumaguete was created as an independent parish of Tanjay. The Spaniards considered the island of Negros as one province with Bacolod City as the capital. Negros Oriental was formally established as a separate province after the outbreak of the Philippine revolution and the surrender of the revolutionaries. The civil government of Negros Oriental was established on May 1, 1901 with Dumaguete City as the seat of government.

Negros Oriental is subdivided into 19 municipalities and 5 cities, which are further subdivided into 557 barangays.

Dumaguete City is the provincial capital and seat of government. It is also the most populous city, despite having the smallest land area.

City Population Area (km²) Pop. density (per km²)
Bayawan City 110,250 699.08 145.0
Canlaon City 50,208 170.93 273.3
Dumaguete City 116,392 33.62 3041.8
Tanjay City 78,539 276.05 254.2
Bais City 74,702
Municipality Population Area (km²) Pop. density (per km²)
Amlan 19,227 111.85 171.9
Ayungon 40,744 265.10 153.7
Bacong 23,219 40.30 576.2
Basay 21,366 162.00 131.9
Bindoy 34,773 173.70 200.2
Dauin 21,077 114.10 184.7
Guihulngan 83,448 388.56 214.8
Jimalalud 26,756 139.50 191.8
La Libertad 35,122 139.60 251.6
Mabinay 70,548 319.44 201.8
Manjuyod 37,863 264.60 143.1
Pamplona 32,790 202.20 162.2
San Jose 15,665 54.46 287.6
Santa Catalina 72,629 523.10 128.5
Siaton 67,943 335.90 191.3
Sibulan 47,162 163.00 230.2
Tayasan 30,477 154.20 197.6
Valencia 24,365 147.49 165.2
Vallehermoso 33,914 101.25 335.0
Zamboanguita 23,338 85.86 271.8

For purposes of legislative representation, the cities and municipalities are grouped into three congressional districts, with each district electing a congressman to the House of Representatives of the Philippines.

  • 1st District: Canlaon City, Vallehermoso, Guihulngan City, La Libertad, Jimalalud, Tayasan, Ayungon, Bindoy, Manjuyod
  • 2nd District: Amlan, Bais City, Mabinay, Pamplona, San Jose, Sibulan, Tanjay City, Dumaguete City
  • 3rd district: Bacong, Basay, Bayawan City, Dauin, Santa Catalina, Siaton, Valencia, Zamboanguita

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