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PRO7 RPSMU Live Stream (04/20/18)

The Official Candidates of MS. PNP # GandaPulis2018

Hello everyone! Let us show some LOVE and SUPPORT for our candidate ms PO2 Mirva Siao Polo-Daigan to the PNPs GANDA PULIS 2018.

??To vote for our candidate, just type: PNPGP <space> PRO7 and send to 21583261 for Globe and TM subscribers only.

Below are the mechanics ???

SMS Voting Mechanics for the PEOPLE’S CHOICE 2018 AWARDEE for the Search for Ms. PNP #GandaPulis2018:

1. The People’s Choice Award shall be based on 50% of the votes garnered from SMS Poll and 50% of the votes garnered from FB poll (FB poll mechanics will be posted soon).

2. Poll period is from April 16, 12 noon to April 23, 12 noon. Any votes cast/sent prior to and after the poll period are considered invalid.

3. One SIM number can cast/send as many votes as it can.

4. Each vote sent costs 2.50 php.

PLEASE SHARE. Adelante Central Visayas! ?


Prohibited Acts during election period, campaign period and election day.

Look:II PROHIBITED ACTS during election period, campaign period and election day.

Let us all be guided.

COMELEC added 4 new photos.

#KEBs FYI: Important dates to remember, as well as prohibited acts during the Election Period, Campaign Period, Eve of Election and Election Day of #BSKE2018.

Please be guided

Please be guided.

At 12:01AM of April 14, 2018, nationwide GUN BAN is already in effect. 

Let us all cooperate to ensure a SAFE and PEACEFUL Barangay and SK Election 2018


Press Release: COMELEC: April 14 is the Start of the Election Period, Gun Ban and Filing of COC #BSKE2018