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The Birth of PRO7 Official Newsletter

On June 2009, our Chief of Staff of Police Regional Office 7, PSSUPT VICENTE A LOOT had in his humble mind a simple thought of coming up with an official newsletter of PRO7 which he had dreamed since he assumed his position a year ago. In order to realize said project, he commissioned a TWG headed by the then newly designated Acting Chief of Regional Public Information Office, PSUPT ERNESTO F AGAS to scout from among the local PNP talents those who can serve one’s time as a member of the core group in materializing the said plan.

At present, after experiencing difficulties and trying times, the TWG after a series of consultations with the Command Group, Directorial Staffs and NSUs had chosen a design out of so many suggestions and recommendations the TITLE of the Official Newsletter of PRO7 which is “Banaag”. This Visayan term is synonymous to “Silaw”, “Banwag” and “Dan-ag”. When translated to English, it means gleam, light or beacon.

As to why we call the publication “Banaag”? It is because the term can simply be associated as a “Guiding Light” and “Encouragement”. Likened to a lighthouse which guides the ships on their safe journey and passage, PCSUPT LANI-O R NEREZ, Regional Director, PRO7 projects to create a magazine that will not only strengthen our own MISSION and VISION but would also embody the very concept of the PNP Integrated Transformation Program. As an instrument, it will also give confidence to our personnel that the PNP is doing something for them which in effect transform them for the moral betterment of themselves. Further, it is but fitting and appropriate to use the proposed title since we are using a torch to symbolize the essence of our holistic ITP. In the same manner, this torch also typifies a bright light that guide the PNP in its various levels of command.

Moreover, “Banaag” can also be associated with “Symbol of Hope” and “Inspiration”. We say that not only the magazine would reflect the character of the PNP family but it would also give justice to the name of the Office, Public Information Office. Through this publication, we want to inform and educate the public of the good deeds the PNP has done to the community and that we would also be highlighting significant contributions of policemen to their community, events and other essential facts. Recognizing these salient points will bring pride and prestige to the institution and all those who belong to it.

This maiden edition of “Banaag” showcases the region’s current innovative undertakings and upcoming ventures that will for sure make our PNP more credible, capable and effective as a public service provider.

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