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Activation of PRO7 Multi-Faith Pastoral Council

In pursuance to LOI 17/10 “SUGO” (Spiritual Upliftment and Growth of the Organization) and the Eight (8) Foundation Initiatives of PNP Chief, PDG RAUL M BACALZO, PNP Central Visayas thru the Regional Chaplain Office periodically conducts pastoral visitations, Holy Masses and PICE to the different organic police units and NSUs under the AOR of Region 7.

In tight coordination with RPHRDD, the Regional Office also conducted Character, Attitude Development and Enhancement Training (CADET). This was born to reshape the moral and spiritual acumen of our policemen and policewomen. As a living testament thereof, the command had already graduated six (6) batches of personnel under the PRO7 CADET Program. On the other hand, Police-community partnership was likewise reinforced by nurturing the unique partnership between the Cebu clergy and Police Regional Office 7 under the auspices of “Pulis, Pari, Presinto, Parokya” or 4 Ps Partnership. This program is a relative unique undertaking of the command which seeks to foster closer relationship with the leaders of the community.

To boost the moral and spiritual development of all PRO7 personnel, the command also formalized the creation PRO7 Multi-Faith Pastoral Council thru the implementation of PRO7 LOI 14-11. 

The PRO7 Multi-Faith Pastoral Council assists the Regional Director, PRO7 through the Regional Chaplain as an advisory and consultative body on matters pertaining to the spiritual and moral enhancement activities of the Regional Office.

As a body of stakeholders in PRO7, the Council is tasked to study, reflect, discern, evaluate, draw sound conclusions, formulate and recommend comprehensive pastoral plans and programs, the end result should be to immerse all PRO7 personnel in spiritual and moral responsibilities in their work and in the process, effect genuine change to themselves and their surroundings.

They shall coordinate, correlate and harmonize all spiritual and moral enhancement activities of the PRO7 and develop collaboration and fraternal solidarity among all religious denomination helping in the Integrated Transformation Program of the PNP.  As such, they will also serve as the accrediting body for all individuals and groups that would conduct spiritual and moral activities in the different PNP units under PRO7.

There are ten (10) permanent members of PRO7 Multi-Faith Pastoral Council who shall meet twice a month to review and address issues and translate the same into resolutions during the council meetings.

Chairman        -      Regional Chaplain, PRO7
Members         -      Assistant Chief, Moral and Welfare Section, RPHRDD

  •  Assistant Chief, Unit Training Program Section, RPHRDD
  •  Assistant Chief, Family, Juvenile and Gender Sensitivity Section
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, PRO7 Program Management Office
  • Regional Executive Senior Police Officer (RESPO)
  • Assistant Chief, Non-Uniformed Personnel Affairs Section
  • Catholic Lay Leader
  • Muslim Imam
  • Protestant Pastor

The above-mentioned members are designated practically based on their relative functions and profound knowledge on the spiritual and moral needs of PRO7 personnel.  However, the head of the unit concern has the prerogative to designate any PCO whom he deems as more spiritually mature and committed. Provided further, that said PCO has already undergone Spiritual Enhancement and Values Formation Seminars in the PNP.

Spiritual Counseling Teams composed of PNP personnel and concerned civilian volunteers shall be established basically to assist the Regional Chaplain in carrying out the plans, programs and activities recommended by the Council.  PRO7 Multi-Faith Pastoral Council shall organize the PNP Spiritual Counseling Teams, define its functions, supervise its activities and provide appropriate trainings in coordination with concerned units.

Recently, initial meeting of this PRO7 Multi-Faith Pastoral Council was held on February 22, 2011 at the Office of the Regional Chief Directorial Staff attended by the key members.  The Council members collectively agreed to hold their next Council meeting on the 1st week of March 2011.


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