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2011 1st Phase Police Officer 1 Attrition Recruitment

The Philippine National Police in its continuing recruitment program has alloted recruits with entry rank of Police Officer 1 (PO1) for its Regional Headquarters Attrition Quota.

Interested applicants may inquire and submit their application folders to the Regional Headquarters, RPHRDD, Camp Sergio Osmeña, Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City. Make it sure that you reported to Local Police Office and Provincial Police Office before coming to the Regional Headquarters.

As provided for in Republic Act 6975 as amended, the minimum qualifications for the Police Officer 1 (POI) appointment are:

  1. He or she must be a citizen of the Philippines,
  2. A person of good moral character;
  3. Must have passed the psychiatric or psychological, drug and physical tests,
  4. Must possess a formal baccalaureate degree,
  5. Must be eligible,
  6. Must not have been dishonorably discharged from military employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government,
  7. Must not have been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude,
  8. Must be at least one meter and sixty two centimeters in height for male and one meter and fifty seven centimeters for female,
  9. Must weigh not more or less five kilograms from the standard weight corresponding to his or her height, age and sex, and
  10. Must not be less than twenty-one nor more than thirty years of age.

Aside from those general qualifications, eligibility standard is also a vital factor. An appointee must possess the appropriate eligibility acquired from any of the following examinations:

  1. Republic Act 1080 (Bar and Board exam),
  2. PNP Entrance Examination,
  3. Republic Act 6506 (Licensure Examination for Criminology Graduates),
  4. Presidential Decree 907 (Granting Civil Service Eligibility to College Honor Graduates), and
  5. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Second level Eligibility (POI/Police Officer).

Mandatory Requirements are also required for every applicant:

  1. Revised CSC Form 212
  2. Birth certificate authenticated by National Statistics Office
  3. Eligibility (authenticated by Professional Regulatory Commission, CSC or Napolcom)
  4. Two pieces 2x2 black and white picture indicating applicants name
  5. Transcript of Scholastic Records and Diploma (duly authenticated by the school registrar)
  6. Clearance from barangay
  7. Clearance local police station
  8. Clearance from the Regional Trial Court
  9. Clearance from the Municipal Trial Court or Municipal Circuit Trial Court
  10. Clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation
  11. Medical certificate

Must be submitted to the RPHRDD7 in two (2) blue folders and one (1) folder, with tabbing and plastic cover.

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